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Professional Coaching Services

Let’s get started launching the improvements to you and/or your company today.

Dr. Lynn Rosenthal is a Board Certified Executive Coach who can meet with you in your working environment to develop an individualized and company wide plan of action. Being creative allows ideas to flow, and then ideas spurn growth and productivity. In this fast paced world, keeping fresh and setting trends are the catalysts needled for a thriving business. Raising your level of emotional intelligence accomplishes these directives.

What is Coaching?

  1. Help Manage People
  2. Assist with Transitioning to Management
  3. Increase Communication with staff
  4. Develop Strategies for Marketing Yourself & Networking
  5. Prioritizing & Planning Your Ideas
  6. Achieving Focus & Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
  7. Presenting Your Ideas with Impact and Inspiration
  8. Engaging People to Share in Your Vision

Coaching Goals

  1. Developing Self
  2. Developing Others
  3. Improving Work Processes
  4. Leading the Business Environment
Coaching is a way to learn how to conduct highly effective meetings, how to implement leadership skills, and how to use emotional intelligence to inspire high potential in yourself and the staff.

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