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Alternative Psychotherapy Services
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Individualized, Couples, Group, Family Therapy, Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling Services

Dr. Lynn Rosenthal provides many different types of services to help meet your needs. An individualized plan will be developed for you. Your decision to participate in treatment is commendable. Treatment can help you grow in your relationships, in your career, and within yourself.

Alternative Psychotherapy Services

Individual Psychotherapy can help the person with specific individual problems, such as anxiety, depression, indecision, trauma history, breaking bad patterns that result in unfulfilled relationships, addiction problems, stress, self-esteem, assertiveness, etc.
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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling focuses in on communication problems, conflicts that arise due to different beliefs, values, lack of trust, etc.

Group Counseling

Group counseling addresses learning how to manage your anger, trauma groups, social skill groups, targeted problems/issues that are focused on within a group for support, to let you know that you’re not alone, and to learn from other’s experiences. Group counseling is a combination of psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic approaches so that you can gain maximum benefit from the group.

Family Counseling

Family Therapy is a good way to change the dysfunctional communication patterns within the family to help those who have too much conflict, poor communication, feelings of being dismissed within the family unit.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling is a short-term counseling service that assists newly engaged couples share values, decision making skills, issues with differences in spiritual/religious cultures, in-laws, future goals for the impending marriage.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling concentrates on either preventing future problems or healing any problems related to trust, betrayals, differences in parenting styles, conflicts with friends and/or family, issues around money, any issue that mental and emotional pain gets in the way of a healthy and happy relationship.

Individual Sessions to Address:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Stress
  • Self-Esteem
  • Assertiveness
  • Anger
  • Relationship Conflicts & Impasses

Sexual Minority Counseling Sessions:

  • Couples Issues
  • Depression
  • Discrimination Issues, including Minority Discrimination
  • Life Issues
  • Addressing Coming out Issues

Additional Services:

  • Team Building
  • Social Skills Group Therapy
  • Hypnosis Therapy
  • Career Vocational Counseling
  • Alternative Lifestyles & Treatments
  • DUI Cases
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Consulting-Coaching
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